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Get Ready to Dive into a World of Enchantment: Audiobooks of the 'Magic & Prophecies' Series are on the Horizon! Brace Yourself for an Immersive Experience as the Captivating Urban Fantasy Unfolds in Audiobook Form. Stay Tuned for the Unveiling of a Magical Journey Narrated with Spellbinding Expertise. Your Ears Are in for a Treat – 'Magic & Prophecies' Audiobooks Coming Soon to Transform Your Reading Experience!"

Disguised Perception: Hidden Behind The Veil

Book 4 of the Magic & Prophecies series blurb reveal 

I lead an ordinary life where nothing exciting happens to me.

Or so I thought before a mysterious illness turns my life upside down.

An illness that defies all medical explanations.

I get strange visions. Visions of a mysterious world that shouldn’t exist.

So, I try to hide it, and no one knows but my best friend Evelyn.

It’s a curse, really, or maybe a gift. I’m not sure yet.

Until I get a vision so powerful, it shatters my reality in an instant.

Now, I’m trapped in a world of magic. One with secret societies, dangers I’ve never encountered before, and an evil I never knew existed.

My life spirals into chaos, magic, and threats from the sinister forces that hunt me. 

I’m learning the hard way that there’s no escaping this new life.

But I’m sure as hell going to try.



In the heart of Chicago, beneath the veil of mundane reality, six sisters find themselves thrust into a world of magic, mystery, and peril. Bound by blood and an ancient lineage, their lives take a surprising turn when they unexpectedly inherit extraordinary powers, powers that hold the key to an age-old prophecy.

As they navigate their newfound abilities, the sisters soon discover they are not alone in this realm of mysticism. A powerful dark force stirs in the shadows, demonic entities drawn by the untamed power within them. The prophecy speaks of a great battle, a confrontation that will determine the fate of their world. But the path to victory is riddled with treachery and uncertainty, and they cannot triumph alone. Enter an unlikely ally, a mysterious figure, someone they shouldn’t trust.

Yet, their journey is not just about embracing their extraordinary abilities and combating supernatural threats. In a world where magic remains a secret, they must conceal their powers, tiptoeing through the masquerade of everyday life. With every step they take, the risk of exposing their true nature looms, endangering not only their lives but also the balance between worlds.

Will the sisters master their powers in time to face the encroaching darkness? Can they unravel the ancient prophecy and fulfill their destinies? And above all, can they remain united, even when the world conspires to tear them apart?


As the daughter of one of the legendary six sisters, Danielle's heritage remains concealed from the prying eyes of her classmates. In a cruel twist of fate, she is deemed a "nopow," seemingly devoid of any magical abilities. Tormented and bullied, she endures the relentless taunting of her fellow students, their words etching scars upon her spirit.

Yet, the fragile peace of the Institute is shattered one fateful day. Demons, relentless and merciless, attack the sacred grounds of the school, plunging it into chaos and terror. In the midst of the chaos, Danielle's world begins to unravel, and she discovers that the reality she has clung to is but a fragile facade.

In a sudden surge of power, Danielle's dormant abilities ignite, flooding her mind with a torrent of raw magic. As her newfound powers surge uncontrollably, her fragile psyche teeters on the brink of madness. In the grip of this overwhelming force, she inadvertently unleashes havoc upon those around her, her actions stained with an unspeakable darkness.

Betrayal taints the air as Danielle feels abandoned by the very ones she holds closest to her heart. But as the battle rages within Danielle, threatening to unleash cataclysmic destruction, she must confront the darkness that resides within herself. In a realm where trust is fragile, she must reconcile her shattered soul and find the strength to forgive those she loves.



Orchard Landing, where magic intertwines seamlessly with the everyday, Lucy leads a life she never thought possible. As a devoted soldier in the magical army, she, alongside her closest friend Danielle, works tirelessly to apprehend their own kind and safeguard the delicate balance between the Mutane Sihiri and humans.

Lucy finds solace in her chosen family, her unwavering loyalty to the cause, and the comforting embrace of friendship. With her heart filled with contentment, she couldn't have wished for a better life. In a sudden and vicious onslaught, Orchard Landing is attacked by relentless demons. Lucy discovers that these malevolent creatures are in search of her, their gaze fixated upon her alone. Confusion grips her heart as she tries to understand why she, of all people, would become the target of such monstrous forces.

Lucy's world unravels before her eyes. The very fabric of her existence is torn apart, exposing a history veiled in a labyrinth of lies. Every cherished truth she held dear crumbles, leaving her floating in a sea of uncertainty. The people she believed she could trust, those who formed the pillars of her life, now hide secrets about her own identity.

With her foundations shattered, Lucy embarks on a perilous journey to confront her past to uncover the elusive truths buried deep within her soul. As she traverses the landscape of her own history, she questions who she truly is and if the answers she seeks will bring solace or despair. Betrayal lurks in every shadow, threatening to devour her fragile spirit.


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