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Exclusive Character Interview With Danielle!

Interviewer: Why don’t we start with an introduction?


Danielle: Hello, readers! As you know, I’m Danielle, Dani for short. I’m a soldier in the Mutane Sihiri army along with my best friends Lucy and Vik. My mother is Over Lord Mary and my father is Volkath; a demon. Yes, you heard right. Mom got jiggy with a demon. It gives me nightmares just thinking about it. Clearly, there were some lonely nights and moments of insanity.


Interviewer: What was it like growing up with the Over Lords?


Danielle: Honestly, it was lonely. I’m an only child and my only family are the leaders to an entire magical race. They’re in charge of keeping magic hidden and maintaining some sort of balance between the magical and non-magical. They were gone a lot. However, there was never a time where I didn’t feel loved by them. Whatever time they did have, we spent together. Watching movies, playing games, and just having fun. People on Orchard Landing don’t get to see them like I do. My mom and aunts are as goofy as anyone can be. They like to act tough but they're mushy on the inside.


Interviewer: Tell us what life was like at the Institute of Magical Arts.


Danielle: Ugh! School was a nightmare. I was a social pariah amongst my peers. As you know, I was considered a ‘nopow’ because I didn’t have a single magical ability. It was tough and I felt so isolated. The bullying didn’t help either. I had Lucy and she was my rock through everything. She never let anyone give me shit and she’d give me shit for taking their shit. She’s the bestest friend anyone could ask for.


Interviewer: Didn’t the Over Lords do anything about it?


Danielle: Well, it's not like they didn’t know what was going on or that they didn’t want to interfere. Mom always thought that my relation to them should be kept secret. That way, I didn’t get any preferential treatment. Hell, Lucy didn’t even know until they said I could tell her. Mom felt that interfering would raise questions. There was a time or two when Aunt Ashley wanted to skin a few students alive, but Mom wouldn’t let her.


Interviewer: What was your initial reaction to discovering your dormant abilities?


Danielle: It was overwhelming. I went from feeling powerless to suddenly having this uncontrollable magic. It was frightening, but also exhilarating in a way. I was happy. Happy not to be a disappointment. I thought there was something wrong with me, you know? Here I am, daughter to one of the most powerful magic users in existence and I was broken. So, realizing I had magic was the happiest moment of my life.


Then the happiness came crashing down when the truth came out. Then, all I felt was betrayed. I was hurt by those who loved me the most. As usual, my Mom and Aunts stuck their noses in things they should have left alone. I know they meant well but nothing hurt more than realizing my Mom and Aunts were perfectly happy with me living life as a social pariah and in sadness because I thought something was wrong with me. It made me a little crazy.


Interviewer: Can you describe the emotions you went through during your dark time?


Danielle: Well, I went crazy. Literally! Once the truth came out, everything happened at once. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t control what I was doing, what I was thinking. It was a whirlwind of confusion and fear. I hurt a lot of people, including Mom, Dad, Aunts, and Lucy. I had no idea just how powerful I was until I went head-to-head with them. Let’s just say, don’t piss off the Over Lord because they will hand you your ass in a fight.


Interviewer: How did you make it through:


Danielle: The Over Lords. I don’t think people realize just how powerful they really are. They realized they handled things wrong to begin with. So, after they kicked my ass, and I calmed down a little, they tried a different approach. With that approach, we were able to figure things out together. That’s when we realized we were all being manipulated. That’s when my magic came in handy. I kicked ass and took names and now all is right in the world of Danielle.


Interviewer: I’m guessing everyone now knows your relation to the Over Lords? How do you handle the pressure of your legacy of the legendary six sisters’?


Danielle: That’s a loaded question. Yes, everyone knows and I don’t feel any pressure. I’m not trying to fill my mothers shoes, or my aunts. I’m not trying to be like them in any way and I’m not saying that as a bad thing. I’m simply trying to be Danielle. I am half demon, and I am very powerful. There isn’t a legacy to live up to because they don’t expect me to be anything other than me. Though, sparring with them now is loads of fun because I can go toe-to-toe with them with my magic. I’ve even managed to beat them a few times, though not without trying really damn hard.


Interviewer: Can you share a memorable moment with your mom and aunts that stands out to you?


Danielle: Well, I have a lot of fond memories with them. Let’s see… There was a time when my mom and aunts took me off Orchard Landing. This was huge to me. You have to remember that I was born and raised on Orchard Landing and had no real knowledge of the outside world. I was never around normal people. That day, we ventured to where they grew up. I got to experience the city, all the stores, different food, everything. Currently, I travel all over the world with Lucy and Vik for my soldier duties, but I never have time to truly enjoy the places we go. I’m still not familiar with everything in the outside world but nothing will ever top experiencing that for the first time with my mom and aunts.


Interviewer: What lessons have you learned from your mom and aunts?


Danielle: The biggest lesson is strength and resilience. They’ve taught me that true power comes not just from magical abilities but also from inner strength, wisdom, and compassion. That sometimes tough decisions have to be made and you can’t not make them because you don’t want to be hurt. You can’t run away from your problems. You have to face them and what ever happens, know that you’ll come out stronger than you went in. Hiding won’t do anything but push it to another day and only build into more problems.


Interviewer: What message do you have to the readers?


Danielle: I hope I’ve answered your questions. I’m sure if you read the book, you were wondering what my like was like with the Over Lords. We’re really just like other families. We have our fun times, our bad times, and our crazy times. It’s just amplified by magic. Continue to read the books to ride along in our magical adventures. There’s always something going on, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the crazy journey’s we go through. I’ve truly enjoyed answering your questions. I look forward to answering more. Bye for now, readers!


There you have it, readers. A look into the life of Danielle. What do you think? Have more questions? Post your comment in my blog titled “Submit Your Questions for a Q&A Extravaganza!”

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