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Behind The Scenes

Dear Readers,

Today, I take you on a journey through my writing process and what my days look like. Each day is a carefully orchestrated dance between parenting, work, and creating a magical world. This behind-the-scenes glimpse invites you into the chaotic, yet enchanting, process of my writing journey.

The Prelude: Chaos All Around

Every day, I wake up at 5 a.m. to get started with work. This gives me a little time to myself before its time to get the kid's school day started. The very FIRST thing I do is get the coffee started. Without it, my kids refer to me as Momzilla because their morning shenanigans will definitely have me breathing fire. Tip: Invest in a good coffee machine. It's your secret ally against morning chaos.

Juggling Tasks: The Dance Around Teen Turbulence

Finally, when the children are off to school, I get back to work. This usually consist of meetings, talking to clients, research, writing, and more. Occasionally, there's procrastination. Okay, maybe lots of procrastination, but I'm good at my job and I can afford to. I usually find time to write during this "procrastination" period because when the ideas come, I have to get them out of my head. Sometimes this is while I oversee my kids (teens) homework time, school projects, and the endless requests to search for lost items. I consider myself a top tier multitasker. Tip: Convert eye-rolls into character quirks. It adds flair to your narrative.

Interlude: Escaping to Other Worlds (and Hiding from the kids)

It is important to take a break. From work. From writing. From the chaos. Just relax and rejuvenate, Rejuvenation time means to step away to your special place/space and just be. Meditate if thats your thing. For me, I actually like to read to relax I actually read A LOT. If I don't feel like reading, I love crocheting. Do what relaxes you to take some of the metal load off. TIP: Establish boundaries for your special place/space. It is your go-to spot for peace and maybe inspiration.

Pages of Solace: Sometimes Reading Promotes Ideas

In the quiet solitude of your space, sometimes reading enables the mind to expand and think of things related to what you're writing. The missing piece that you couldn't seem to find is suddenly there. Tip: Keep a "distraction" book on hand. It is your portal to the world of ideas. It is also an escape when teenage drama hits its peak.

Overcoming Hurdles: Among the Mayhem

Writer's block is real. It is the bane of every writer's existence. Sometimes its difficult to get passed the block. Whether it be lack of inspiration, you don't know how to convey the story on paper the way you want, or you're just not liking where your story is going. It happens. It's worse when you have work to do, the kids are arguing, and dinner has to be made. Tip: Establish writing time with a reward system. My approach is for my kids to not call my name every five minutes for an hour straight, and I'll add extra time to their tv time.

Epilogue: Establishing Normal Between Parenting, Working, and Writing

The writing process is a circus act, an ongoing spectacle, a balancing acting between parenting, work, and writing. Sometimes managing the balance is easy and sometimes it's really hard. You have to find the process that works for you and stick with it. Life happens, so some alterations may be needed, but manage the mayhem by incorporating a routine. Tip: Balance chaos with structured calm. It's the secret formula for maintaining parental sanity.

As I conclude the insight into my normal daily life, I want to thank you for joining in.



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