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Exclusive Author Interview With Mary Bates

Interviewer: Why don’t we start with an introduction?


Mary: Hi readers, I’m Mary, the second oldest sister and the smart one (don’t tell my sisters I said that). When I say second oldest, I mean Miranda and I are considerably older than our younger sisters. Like 10+ years between the two of us. While I tend to take on a maternal role to my younger sisters, along with Miranda, I’m more chill about it. I’m their sister, not their mother, but sometimes I have to act like their mother because of the shenanigans they pull. My sisters can be pretty ridiculous sometimes, especially Ashley.



Interviewer: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Mary: Before I became Over Lord to the Mutane Sihiri, I worked as a sheriff. Working in law enforcement in the Windy City is no walk in the park. I was kicking someone's ass every other day. People in the city are loud, rude, and downright mean. I love my city! There’s no place like it. There’s always something to do 24/7.  My favorite thing to do in the summer was to visit all the festivals. In the winter, it was ice skating.


Interviewer: What are your magical abilities?

Mary: My magical abilities keep growing every day. Hell, even I don’t know what I can do until I do it! However, with a simple snap of my fingers or a flick of the wrist, I can conjure your worst nightmares. I’m fun like that. I can manipulate time. Conjure illusions. The possibilities seem endless, really. My magical toolkit involves a bit of everything. It comes in handy when magical shit starts kickin’ up.


Interviewer: What about relationships?

Mary: Are you referring to my relationship with my sisters or something a bit more intimate?


Interviewer: Whichever you want to answer.

Mary: Well, if anyone is curious, I am single. I’ll have applications ready at the end of this interview. No demon applicants, please. That’s a ride I don’t want to ride again. On a serious note, my relationship with my sisters is everything to me. There’s no one more important to me than them. The bond with my sisters is as solid as a jailhouse. I’d know because we’ve spent a night or two there in our younger years. We were a rough bunch in our youth. It's the consequence of growing up in the city.


Interviewer: What motivates you?

Mary: My motivation as Over Lord, is keeping the peace, figuratively and magically. It's making sure our people are using magic responsibly and in a way where we aren’t exposed. We have to keep the balance in check. My motivation as just Mary is being a good person and being a good sister and friend. I want to be the person someone can call on because they know I’ll be there. I’m real. I’ll give it to you straight every single time. I don’t sugarcoat anything. I may not like everything, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be there for you. I’ll just lecture you about your screw-up while I help you out of it.


Interviewer: What are your challenges and obstacles?

Mary: The main challenge is handling magic. It's brought nothing but chaos into my life. I will say that it’s not all bad. The obstacles pop up at the most inopportune times. Saving the world. Fighting against secret societies. Battling against demons was quite the shocker. If it's not one thing, it’s another. Managing the world of magic while keeping up normal pretenses is no walk in the park.

There are moments where I wonder if I’m cut out for this kind of life. Then I look at my sisters, and I’m reminded that I don’t have to go at it alone. That I have people that I can count on when it becomes too much. My old life was nice. This life isn’t so bad either. Do I wish it were different? I can’t say for sure because both sides have their positive and negative aspects.


Interviewer: Can you tell us about your favorite moments?

Mary: Sitting down in my space for a moment of peace with my coffee. Coffee is key! If I don’t get my cup of coffee, I have a hard time dealing with my sisters and their daily shenanigans. It's become a running joke between us. Sometimes, they hide the coffee maker, which is really irritating.

More of my favorite moments include gluing Miranda’s hands together. I did that when she kept slapping Ashley on the back of the head. Another is always scaring Stephanie when she walks around corners. She’s always so quiet and reserved, it's fun to get a rise out of her. Annie can read your thoughts; even though she says she doesn’t do it, I know she does. So, to help her out from doing it “inadvertently,” I snap my fingers and put an aluminum hat, complete with antlers, on her head at random times of the day. I think by the fourth or fifth crazy look she gets, she realizes what I’ve done. I’m sure the foil doesn’t do anything, it’s just fun to do to Annie.

I love creating illusions around Sydney. Sometimes, it’s making her think she’s in one room when she’s really in another, and sometimes, it's her battling against imaginary demons, which is quite hysterical. Ashley is the most unpredictable. However, I don’t have to do anything. She makes herself look and seem crazy. My sisters are the best. My favorite moments all have to do with them.


Interviewer: What about growth? How have you seen yourself grow?

Mary: Well, given that I knew nothing of magic when I inherited it, to becoming one of the leaders of a magical race, I’d say that’s quite the growth. Before all of this, I was happy with my job and living in my own bubble of family and work. Now, I’m more concerned with everyone’s well-being and keeping everyone safe. It's no longer just about me. It is about me and everyone I lead.

Interviewer: Do you have any hobbies?

Mary: Seriously? I don’t have time for hobbies because shit is always happening. We’re always preparing for the next big catastrophe because, trust me, there’s always something. It sounds kind of bad and tiring when I put it that way, but it’s not. My life is exciting. If I did have the time to embrace a hobby, it would be reading a good book. I like the steamy romances. Give me all the smut. My sisters used to tease me about my choice of books, but I didn’t care. Who doesn’t have a book boyfriend?


Interviewer: Did you have a role model?

Mary: My mother. She was the epitome of everything right in this world. She was kind, loving, smart, and she meant business. She didn’t take any shit and taught us not to take shit. She was my biggest fan and motivator. Even though she’s gone, her presence is still with me. I try to make her proud in everything I do, and when I mess up, I can hear her voice telling me to get my shit together and do it right or to try again.



Interviewer: What are your future aspirations?

Mary: I just want to live life to the fullest. Whatever that entails. I want a future where magic isn’t seen as some mysterious evil that everyone is afraid of or envious of if they don’t have it. However, given what happened, I’m sure that will never happen. I want to be a tool for good, something that can keep law and order between magic and the real world. That’s the vision.


Interviewer: Do you have a message to the readers?

Mary: To all the readers, thank you for your questions. Continue to read the books to escape into a magical adventure. Our lives are like a rodeo, unpredictable, sometimes a rough ride, but those moments of magic make it worthwhile.

There you have it, readers! A brief look into the life and perspective from Mary Bates. What do you think? Have more questions? Post your comment in my blog titled “Submit Your Questions for a Q&A Extravaganza!”


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