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The Birth of Magic in "Magic & Prophecies"

Hello Readers,


Today we’re going to give a little more background into the magical world of “Magic & Prophecies”. In the books, we know that magic we bestowed upon humans by a deity to help them defend themselves against a dark force that threatened their world. Ever wanted to know more about that? Well, you’re in luck because today, you’re going to get the full story.


The Divine Intervention: A Gift to Defend Humanity

In the chronicles of "Magic & Prophecies," the inception of magic is a tale of divine intervention and survival. Long ago, humanity faced an existential threat—a dark force, malignant and relentless, sought to claim dominion over the world. As despair gripped the hearts of humans, a benevolent deity, moved by the plight of humanity, chose to intervene.


This deity, a goddess of magic, bestowed a select group of humans with an extraordinary gift: magic. This powerful tool was given as a means to defend themselves, to be the shield against the encroaching darkness. The chosen ones, that were ordinary in every way, found themselves infused with abilities that transcended the realm of mortal understanding.


The Battle Against the Dark Force: A Struggle for Existence

With newfound powers coursing through them, these select humans took up arms against the dark force. The battle was cataclysmic. The land itself bore witness to the clash of titanic powers, as the magic users, empowered by divine essence, pushed back against the tide of darkness. It was a war that reshaped the world, leaving scars on the earth and echoes in the annals of history.


The magic users, through courage, sacrifice, and the sheer force of their newly acquired powers, emerged victorious. The dark force was vanquished, driven back into the shadows from whence it came, and the world of humans was saved from imminent doom.


The Rise and Fall of the New Gods

In the aftermath of this great battle, the magic wielders found themselves revered as heroes, saviors of humanity. But with great power came a dangerous temptation. As time passed, some of these champions began to view themselves not as mere humans but as beings superior to those they had saved. They proclaimed themselves as new gods, seeking to rule over the very people they had defended.


This marked the beginning of a dark era, where the once-saviors turned into tyrants. They used their magic to subjugate and control, forgetting the divine purpose for which their powers were given. This reign of terror lasted for years, casting a shadow over the world that had only just been saved from darkness.


The Locking Away of the False Gods

However, the true deity who had bestowed the magic watched in sorrow and anger. Witnessing the corruption and hubris of the magic wielders, a decision was made to put an end to their tyranny. In a monumental act, the deity intervened once more, stripping the false gods of their immortality and locking them away for their misdeeds. This act served as a stark reminder to all: that power, no matter how divine, should never lead to the subjugation of free will. Those who stay true to themselves were left to live life in peace.


Legacy and Lessons

The legacy of these events shaped the world of "Magic & Prophecies." It serves as a backdrop to the ongoing struggle between light and darkness, and the delicate balance that must be maintained by those who wield magic. This history is a cautionary tale of the seductive nature of power, the importance of humility, and the eternal vigilance required to keep darkness at bay.


The story of the birth of magic in "Magic & Prophecies" is more than just a tale of battles and heroes; it is a narrative of human nature, the thirst for power, and the redemptive power of selflessness and sacrifice. It sets the stage for the adventures and struggles that unfold in the series, reminding readers that the line between hero and tyrant is often a thin one, shaped by choice and intention.


Stay tuned for updates regarding the series!




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